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Is Hennur Road Safe?


Is Hennur Road Safe?

North Bangalore is one of the city's sought-after and prime spots, as tremendous development is taking place in every sphere. With significant investments happening here, the potential to secure work and residences has also risen. Being an important area with Bangalore International Airport being the prime attraction here, major hubs are being developed, like the Aerospace Park and SEZs, which have already started hosting some of the reputed global and domestic companies. Significant infrastructure development is also taking place here, making it all the more viable for commercial and residential activities. Hennur Road is one such location in North Bangalore, which is 20 km away from the Bangalore International Airport.

Once a suburb of Bangalore, Hennur Road has today become superbly popular as it houses many multinational, domestic, IT, and other organisations of repute. It has also become a predominant residency destination. Infra-wise, it has undergone unprecedented revamping with excellent road services connecting to the rest of the city and metro network at a 7 km distance approximately from the place. The city railway station is just 13 km away from this area. All the prerequisites for life sustenance are also readily available to the people here, and they can comfortably access education, shopping, dining, healthcare, banking, entertainment, hospitality, personal care, and grooming. Irrespective of all the positives, the prime concern still remains - is Hennur Road safe?

Safety is always a matter of consideration when one chooses to purchase or rent accommodation. It is necessary for the area to adhere to some safety standards to thrive in a community, otherwise, the place will lose its popularity, and no discerning buyer will be keen to invest here. Some of the critical factors that must be ensured for a locality's safety are enlisted.

The Vibe and Feedback: The feedback and vibe of an area need to be found out, viz., if the place is busy, crime-free, and safe for residing. Hennur Road has a positive vibe and feedback, and people are upbeat about living here.

Strong Local Administration and Communities: The local administration and various bodies like police stations, police patrolling, local Government and private bodies, etc., go a long way to ensure the safety of the inhabitants. Hennur Road has these in order.

Well-Lit Area: A safe area has proper lighting, including every nook and cranny, and Hennur Road is well-planned, ensuring efficient lighting.

Planned Architecture and Streets: Aptly designed architecture and streets, like wide roads, neat structures, etc., guarantee the safety of an area, and Hennur Road ensures it.

Technical Surveillance: Proper technical surveillance, like the presence of CCTV cameras in crucial locations and various locality-based tracking apps, are vital, and Hennur Road is ensuring these aspects are taken of.

Equipped Locality: Various emergency needs like hospitals, medical stores, ATMs, banks, convenience stores, gas stations, availability of public conveyance, etc., are ensured in a safe locality, and Hennur Road residents are satisfied here.

The renowned realtor, Purvankara, is planning to launch elegant residential plots, Purva Rampura, on Hennur Road, in varied sizes, layouts, and prices. The project will have curated amenities, features, and facilities perfectly planned for every age resident so that each dweller can enjoy these with their family, friends, and neighbours. At the same time, they also cherish the exclusivity and privacy of living in one's self-designed homes. Open spaces, greenery, leisure amenities, conveniences, etc., will feature here. The details will soon be shared by the builder, and it is an excellent opportunity to own a plot in this prime location for constructing one's own house per one's needs and fancies or for investment purposes.

Purva Codename Retreat

Purva Codename Retreat

The locality has some affordable residential projects developed by renowned developers, such as the Purva Codename Retreat. Purva codename retreat, a project located on Hennur Main Road, is one such project. If you are looking for an investment option, we advise you to do so on Hennur Main Road. Over the years, Bangalore has become the center of activity regarding real estate for an excellent reason. Young professionals and their families have been occupying Bangalore. The excellent infrastructure, presence of top IT organizations, and the airport have made Bangalore; a perfect place to live in.

Purva Rampura Plots

Purva Rampura Plots

At Rampura Road in Bangalore, Puravankara Rampura Plots is ideally situated and spans numerous acres. Puravankara and Bangalore Development Authority collaborated on the development of the developed land. A residential complex, a commercial building, a plot of land, expandable plots, and a biotechnology park make up the integrated urban area. There has been significant growth in Bangalore. Puravankara City Bangalore provides a distinctive and opulent lifestyle with all contemporary amenities and facilities due to the development of the middle class and wealthy people. In Puravankara Bangalore, one can find comfort, originality, and affordability. Bangalore's residential real estate has reached its zenith thanks to the inclusion of contemporary amenities in each of Puravankara's districts. All recreational amenities, including a swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, sports facility, and health club, are available at Puravankara Plots Rampura. A buffet is also served for social meetings, which may be hosted frequently. At Puravankara Plots Rampura, every structure is incomparably beautiful and flawless. People have faith in Puravankara Group's capability and competence in running these programs.

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