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What is Bangalore, Rural or Urban?


What is Bangalore, Rural or Urban?

Bangalore is an urban city, a fast-growing and vibrant metropolis, and one of the largest cities in the country. Bangalore has always been dazzled, and its charm makes it stand out in all metropolitan cities. Bangalore is the perfect mixture of traditionalism and modernism. It is the hub of the IT sector and educational institutes, attracting young working professionals and students worldwide. Bangalore will give you multiple reasons to make the City your abode; a few reasons are given below. Read further to explore the modern life of this dynamic city.


Bangalore city has a moderate climate, neither too hot nor too cold. The weather is usually breezy around the year, with an occasional sprinkle of rain. The incredible atmosphere adds to the city's charm and beauty.


The people and the climate of the City have an undeniable effect on its food. One can try delicious street food or meals from a high-end restaurant. From street foods, south Indian food, and cakes to pastries and biscuits, all varieties of food are available.

City's Nightlife

The modern City has a very happening and amazing nightlife. The music festivals hosted are the main attraction.

Shopper's Heaven

Bangalore is a heaven for shoppers from global brands to street shopping. You can choose from various options, and you can do budget shopping and buy luxurious premium products. Several malls in and around the city cater/serve as high-end shopping destinations.

Cost of Living

The City offers a modern lifestyle with shopping malls, luxurious restaurants, and cafes. Everything needed for living a modern lifestyle is available in the City.

City of Opportunities

It has become a commercial hub with almost all the industrial giants and small startups. The City has something for everyone, with its excellent job opportunities and high growth rate. People from all parts of the world have made it a 'sea of opportunities.'

Medium-paced life

Unlike other metropolitan cities, people keep running all day to catch a local train or bus or get out of a congested jam. People here do their job and have time for their personal life, hobbies, and sports.

Quality of education

It offers some of the country's top schools, colleges, and universities in all areas like management, engineering, commerce, etc., which pulls people from all parts of the world, hence the young crowd.

Countless hangout places

Social life and Entertainment play a significant part in living a balanced life, and this city shines with its large number of hangout places like restaurant chains, malls, and pubs. It would take decades for someone to visit all of them, and some classic restaurants are 20-30 years old. Most of us would desire to settle in a location where when we come home after the office, a hot cup of tea with the cool breeze and splendid views should take all the worries and stress away, like the suburbs. But the fast-paced life, opportunities, and expansion attract us to a city, and this is where a place like Bangalore stands apart. Invest in Purva codename retreat if you are looking forward to buying a property in this brilliant urban city.

Purva Codename Retreat

Purva Codename Retreat

The locality has some affordable residential projects developed by renowned developers, such as the Purva Codename Retreat. Purva codename retreat, a project located on Hennur Main Road, is one such project. If you are looking for an investment option, we advise you to do so on Hennur Main Road. Over the years, Bangalore has become the center of activity regarding real estate for an excellent reason. Young professionals and their families have been occupying Bangalore. The excellent infrastructure, presence of top IT organizations, and the airport have made Bangalore; a perfect place to live in.

Purva Park Hill

Purva Park Hill

Renowned real estate company Purvankara Limited has introduced a high-rise residential apartment project called Purva Park Hill New Launch. A pre-launch project called Purva Park Hill is located on Kanakapura Road in Bangalore. A planned development on Kanakapura Road called Purva Park Hill will offer the most opulent 2BHK and 3BHK flats in Bellandur, Bangalore, the center of the IT cluster. Puravankara will build a new landmark in Bangalore with this Prelaunch project on Kanakapura Road. Purva Park Hill on Kanakapura Road was purposefully constructed to offer roomy quarters with lots of ventilation and natural light. The area is a real estate hotspot with continuously expanding information technology parks. In addition to substantial greenery and pedestrian-friendly zones, Purva Park Hill Kanakapura Road Bangalore will provide cutting-edge amenities like a posh clubhouse, intelligent home capability, and a three-tier security system. With artistically constructed houses that exude good energy and create a modern fusion between fashion and history, Purva Park Hill Apartments welcomes you home to Bangalore's unmatched beauty. The apartment at Kanakapura Road is built by Vastu principles to offer improved sight, suitable ventilation, cozy balconies, and a genuinely exceptional atmosphere. The Puravankara apartments will have contemporary fixtures and furnishings to give them a high-end appearance. The Purva Park Hill Model Apartment is well located close to all important sites while being sufficiently removed from city traffic. Kanakapura Road is one of Bangalore's most sought-after locations for residential development projects.

Purva Rampura Plots

Purva Rampura Plots

At Rampura Road in Bangalore, Puravankara Rampura Plots is ideally situated and spans numerous acres. Puravankara and Bangalore Development Authority collaborated on the development of the developed land. A residential complex, a commercial building, a plot of land, expandable plots, and a biotechnology park make up the integrated urban area. There has been significant growth in Bangalore. Puravankara City Bangalore provides a distinctive and opulent lifestyle with all contemporary amenities and facilities due to the development of the middle class and wealthy people. In Puravankara Bangalore, one can find comfort, originality, and affordability. Bangalore's residential real estate has reached its zenith thanks to the inclusion of contemporary amenities in each of Puravankara's districts. All recreational amenities, including a swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, sports facility, and health club, are available at Puravankara Plots Rampura. A buffet is also served for social meetings, which may be hosted frequently. At Puravankara Plots Rampura, every structure is incomparably beautiful and flawless. People have faith in Puravankara Group's capability and competence in running these programs.

Purva Tivoli Hills

Purva Tivoli Hills

Puravankara Tivoli Hills is an elegant Italian-themed mixed plotted development project by the Puravankara group. Situated 300 meters from Bellary road, the mixed development project was launched in December 2021 and is developed across 69 acres with 839 plots with sizes ranging from 1200 to 3200 sq ft. Purva Tivoli Hills is situated just 300 meters from Bellary road which helps to commute to other parts of Bangalore. Puravankara Tivoli Hills Devanahalli is an upcoming project that was launched in December 2021 and is projected to be completed by September 2024. This project allows the inhabitants to get immense delight in owning a house with elegance and legacy passed to the coming generations. Purva Tivoli Hills Devanahalli is built across vast acres of land parcel comprising various plots in different sizes and configurations. Purva Tivoli Hills is the greatly built-in lap of nature with 80% of open space with an incredible view. The entire property is well developed and the most promising upcoming projects in Devanahalli with all the vital civic amenities and a lot of greenery.

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